much ado about nothing

Much Ado About Nothing - cover


A delightful comedy that suddenly threatens to turn tragic, the tale of Beatrice and Benedick’s ‘merry war’ of words begins with their friends’ happy plan to turn the sparring partners to lovers. But while they wander like dreamers into romance, hidden enemies conspire to turn the young love between Benedick’s closest friend Claudio and Beatrice’s beautiful cousin Hero into a nightmare. Soon the friends are at each other’s throats and Benedick and Claudio are on the point of duelling to the death.

Will Claudio and Benedick fight? Will all their lives be ruined? Or can the clownish city watch expose the conspiracy and save the day? As witty as it is serious, as lunatic as it is beautiful, Much Ado About Nothing remains one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, and rightly so.

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